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Why don’t more companies recover pallets?

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Date posted: 13th September 2013

Why don’t more businesses recover pallets? What stops businesses doing it? What are the barriers? Has your business already got a solution that you are 100% happy with?

At RPS we have been trying to determine why recovery for reuse is not at the forefront of a company’s packaging strategy.

The government is putting more and more pressure on businesses to reuse over recycle and, as mentioned in our article about a potential EU directive proposing reuse of all packaging, will your business comply with the law?

What makes recovery and reuse of pallets and packaging a problem; does it take too much time or effort?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, RPS can take away your pain whilst also saving you time and effort as we do all the hard work.


  • Do you suffer environmental issues regarding packaging waste that consumes time and effort to resolve?
  • Do you lose £1000s of valuable stock due to pallet and packaging failures?
  • Has your current pallet or packaging failed causing serious health & safety issues?
  • Are you paying the best price for the pallets and packaging you purchase?
  • If you currently recovery, is your logistic solution not performing to a high standard or does it take valuable time and effort to resolve problems?
  • Is your packaging supply delivered on time and in full?


Regulation 12 of the Waste (England & Wales) 2011 Regulations states that business must fulfill their duty to apply the waste hierarchy on the waste they handle, giving priority to reuse above recycling and energy recovery. RPS recovers your pallets and packaging for reuse. By using our service RPS can not only eliminate the issues mentioned above, we can ensure your business is compliant with UK legislation.

If you have a packaging query please get in touch with RPS to discuss how we could improve your current packaging supply. Either fill in our online contact form or call us on 01642 465556.

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