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RPS develops pallet collection service for the construction industry

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Date posted: 23rd June 2017

We all know that waste can be expensive and it can take a lot of valuable time to manage, that’s why we’ve decided to develop our pallet collection service!

Those of you who work in the construction industry will know that wood waste, particularly used wooden pallets, can be extremely costly to dispose of. This is because at present, many of the pallets within the industry are collected for recycling using skips. If a construction company could have its waste pallets collected in another way, without skips, it could significantly reduce its outgoings.

Scrap pallets are bulky and even though skip costs vary across the UK, the national average skip exchange is £230. This means that a construction company could pay £230 for every lift, which can escalate quite quickly given the number of pallets generated per individual house build.

Based on the average quantity of building materials required per house, each individual build can generate up to 40 used pallets. As pallets are bulky and don’t fit extremely well in skips, you could perhaps get 20 to 30 pallets per skip. That means per house, wooden packaging waste alone requires as many as two skip exchanges.

A skip takes up approximately the same area as one car parking space. That means, by using a skip you only have an area for only 30 pallets. If the pallets were stacked neatly on the ground outside of a skip, with just six lifts of 15 pallets each you could store up to 90 pallets in the same equivalent space. In comparison, that’s three times as many pallets in the same area.

With this in mind, RPS does not use skips to collect used wooden pallets. This ensures there is no wasted space during transportation and collection frequency is reduced. One collection of 90 pallets on a vehicle in comparison to three or possibly four skip exchanges significantly reduces costs.

In addition to reducing waste costs, RPS also helps firms to engage with the circular economy, without any further input. RPS sorts all pallets collected to identify and return them back to original suppliers for reuse. This creates a sustainable, circular economy model for construction waste. Bespoke pallets within the construction industry are not just chipped and recycled or used as biomass fuel, they are reused, encouraging a preferable waste hierarchy option.

As a national pallet company, RPS can collect from construction sites across the country. We already work with a number of builders’ merchants, such as Selco Builders Warehouse and we have commenced collections for Partner Construction.

If you’re looking to save your business time, money and would like to help the environment, get in touch by calling 01642 465556 or tweet us @RPS_Limited.

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