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Taking the stress out of used pallet collections – RPS can help

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Date posted: 1st August 2016

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Does your company generate used pallets? Do you or your colleagues have to arrange pallet disposal and does it take up a lot of your time and effort?

For over 14 years RPS has successfully collected used pallets on a national scale, and we could help your business.

We can take away the stress of pallet collections by managing the entire process, reducing excessive time and effort overseeing pallet disposal.

We are able to help businesses by co-ordinating the entire collection process through:

  • Arranging transport
  • Booking collections
  • Producing regular analysis on all pallets collected
  • Performing duty of care on all disposal routes
  • Simplifying invoices by consolidating eligible rebates on reports

RPS believes its customers shouldn’t have to physically sort pallets. That’s what RPS is here for. We make sure all pallets collected are checked and sorted by specification so our clients don’t have to! There’s also the potential for RPS to offer competitive rebates on certain pallets so we could help to generate some money for your business.

We simply want to make sure the process requires minimal effort from your side to set up. Once you have entrusted the pallet collection service to RPS, we will:

  • Ensure we have all the correct information, for example the collection address, opening hours and key contacts
  • Ensure a collection frequency is agreed
  • Arrange to collect as required to avoid any onsite disruption
  • Manage the day-to-day running of pallet collections, for example booking transport
  • Ensure your site is kept clean and tidy of pallets to encourage improved onsite health and safety
  • Alleviate time management so you can concentrate on more important daily tasks

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We know it can be stressful and time consuming to find regional pallet collection firms, especially if your business has several sites to collect from. This is where RPS excels. We can manage collections from multiple sites across the UK and we will provide you with one point of contact to make the process much simpler. Let RPS spend time and effort on managing collections so you can focus on your key day-to-day activities – ‘pallets’ are our job!

Additional benefits that RPS could provide include:

  • A reduced carbon footprint
  • Potentially collecting pallets free of charge, dependent on volumes and specifications
  • Providing competitive rebates if the pallets generated have residual value, possibly up to £2.50 per pallet
  • Simplifying financial control, for example eligible rebates will be paid by RPS so no need to chase up several individual suppliers

If you can store a minimum of 100 pallets at any one time and you want more information about our pallet collection services, please visit our services page or call 01642 927765.

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