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RPS increase the number of return loads of packaging to Cummins USA

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Date posted: 13th March 2013

Continuing with the success of returning wooden packaging assets to the Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant, RPS has now commenced deliveries of similar packaging items to their Columbus site.

The Cummins Business

World leading automotive company Cummins design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies across the globe. Their expertise covers fuel systems, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Engines from their Columbus site in Indiana are imported to the Darlington site, all of which are delivered on a wooden pallet, wooden dividing unit and wooden top frame for protection and security.

How RPS has helped?

RPS was invited in to discuss potential cost savings and above all environmental benefits by reducing the amount of wood waste generated and placed in a skip. From an environmental point of view, the waste framework directive encourages reduce, reuse and recycle, so it was important for Cummins to try and reduce the amount of wood waste being scrapped through either reusing the packaging or recycling it. RPS has already demonstrated the practicability of collecting the packaging items and returning them to the Cummins Rocky Mountain site in the USA, and has now returned the first load of packaging to the Columbus site.

What RPS has done

Working with Neville Scott of Cummins, RPS discussed the situation with the wooden packaging and realised that the packaging items could be cost effectively returned to the USA for reuse. The bespoke pallets and components are made especially for the transportation of the Cummins engine blocks and therefore are ideal for reuse. RPS worked hard to keep costs down, placing a standing trailer on the Cummins Darlington site to allow the packaging items to be loaded at their own convenience. By working closely with their logistical partners RPS has also kept costs down on the container transport back to America.

Once a full load of the packaging items has been accumulated RPS collect the standing trailer, return it to their site for inspection and if needed repair and return the wooden pallets, dividers and tops back to full working condition.

First Load Back to the Columbus Site

In March, the first load of Cummins packaging was returned to the Columbus site. RPS has been able to offer Cummins substantial cost saving in comparison to the cost of new packaging. Not only has RPS put in place the option to reduce the packaging cost but the reuse of these packaging items, in a company that already considers the environment in very high regard, demonstrates the importance of Cummins to keep their business at the forefront of environmental awareness.

Cummins container loading at RPS site of returnable packaging pallet tops dividers including loading ramp

For more details regarding packaging collection and the reuse of items such as pallets, wooden tops and all other transit packaging items, please contact RPS on 01642 465556 or fill out our website contact form.

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