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Are pallets a problem in total waste management?

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Date posted: 17th September 2014

With increased recycling targets due and greater emphasis on establishing a circular economy, businesses today are looking for a simple process to manage waste. Total waste management companies have a big task when establishing effective methods to collect waste.

There are several collection services available; mixed recycling, general waste, organic waste, waste metals, all of which can be processed to reduce landfill and encourage effective recycling. But what happens to packaging waste? Does your client generate used pallets that are bulky and expensive to dispose of?

RPS could be introduced as a second tier supplier in your business tender process to manage collections of used pallets.

RPS has been collecting used pallets for over 12 years and understands the processes to inspect, repair and prepare pallets for reuse. We are experts in pallet management and could offer a service to your potential client that could be a deciding factor when winning a contract.

The reuse of a pallet as opposed to recycling pallets or chipping timber for energy recovery is a preferred option in the EU waste hierarchy. This could be an attractive proposal to your potential client as there is an increased interest of businesses today that are seeking for a more environmentally sustainable solution regarding waste.

In addition to promoting environmental sustainability, RPS could also offer rebates to you and your customer for the pallets collected. This could prove an attractive offer in a tender proposal as what was once a costly waste could be converted into revenue.

RPS can collects from the UK, Ireland and Europe using our extensive logistics network. To ensure continuity and precision you have one point of contact, eliminating the need to contact several second tier suppliers.

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