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Pallets: New vs. Reconditioned? You decide

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Date posted: 4th March 2014

In recent years timber has become a more expensive commodity and as companies set objectives to reduce overall spend and meet government packaging directives, it is increasingly important to look at current packaging spend and determine where savings can be made.

For decades timber has been a key material used in the transportation of goods, being used to manufacture crates and wooden pallets. The pallet industry is massive and essential to many national and international companies who transport goods on a daily basis.




Why do some companies wish to continually use new pallets and packaging when there are massive economical and environmental benefits of pallet reuse and recycling? Why are new pallets preferred? Has a company had problems with reconditioned pallets before and now only use new? Do you have concerns with reconditioned pallets?

RPS understands the concerns businesses may face but with reuse coming higher than recycling and disposal in the UK Waste Hierarchy we would like to understand why new may be chosen above reconditioned pallets.

By reusing your existing packaging assets you are complying with legislation and also promoting a sustainable future for your business, so why not opt for reconditioned pallets.


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