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The RPS wood shredder is almost ready for its new home

Latest News September 16, 2019 10:25 am

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be taking delivery of our latest piece of kit – a high performance shredder that will make light work of recycling wood.

In July, directors Gary & Owen visited the Untha manufacturing site in Austria to see our new machine being built, which proved to be a fascinating experience. The Untha QR1700 shredder, to give it its official title, is a new generation high-performance machine, robust and versatile, which is capable of handling up to 100 tonnes of pallet wood waste every week.

Making the most of waste

At RPS we take the hassle out of pallets by collecting all sizes and specifications, primarily sorting them for reuse and then sending the scrap pallets for chipping, recycling into animal bedding or using as biomass feedstock.

Installing our own shredder will make a huge difference to our operations. Normally, we find outlets for all of the scrap pallets we handle. But now we can responsibly handle the pallets ourselves, ensuring full industry compliance without the need to outsource the service.

Investing in the future

This is a very exciting time for us as the new equipment represents a serious investment allowing us to become even more efficient and expand the services we can offer to our customers.

Previously, work may have been turned away because the majority of the site collection pallets were scrap. By having our own shredder, even if a customers’ waste levels are high, we can provide a cost-effective solution for collections whilst extracting as many pallets as possible for reuse, saving them from the shredder.

At our new home in Eaglescliffe, all our pallet repair stations will be located in one warehouse with related machinery housed together, making our business even more efficient. There will literally be no stopping us now!

The Untha QR1700 is now in the UK waiting to be moved and installed at our new five-acre site. She will certainly have a big impact on our business, and we can’t wait to welcome her to Teesside!

We will keep you up to date progress of the new site and installation of the shredder – keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Twitter for upcoming details.

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