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Circular Economy: Reduce & Reuse

Latest News December 11, 2015 9:33 am

Actor, Dennis Weaver, once said: “The premise is simple: One economy and one environment and they’re interdependent.”

When discussing the modern day definition of the term economics, some people may envision a painstaking delivery of a frustratingly vague promise or prediction of a nation’s financial state, made by those in the ‘know’.

Historically speaking, as long as a platform for debate has existed, any possible economic factor that may bare even a slight significance to the wealth and resources of a country has been studied, scrutinized and examined to the point of excess.

Yet somehow, only now are the world’s leading economies taking progressive, ethical steps towards achieving a prosperous economy, which firmly acknowledges the significance of environmental conservation. Considering the recent statistics finding that the application of an environmentally friendly scheme of reuse could save the European Union more than £430 Billion, it becomes apparent that the benefits of a conservationist approach span far beyond the realms of ecological damage.

On December 2, the European Commission released a much anticipated package containing an action plan, introducing new policies in which a circular economy is to be instilled and upheld.

The new legislation prioritises the implementation of a restorative industrial economy that will embrace an ethos of waste reduction and material reuse, as opposed to the existing mentality of make, use and dispose.

At RPS Limited, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is our business. We provide affordable means in which businesses of all sizes can abide by the recent policy on circular economy, without having to divert focus from the organisation’s continued development.

As well as the obvious economic benefits your company could see from a strategy of reuse, you may find the public perception of your organisation changing in correlation with your waste management habits. An environmentally friendly system of waste management allows you to differentiate your brand from your opposition, meaning you can position yourself as an innovative business, leading opinion on the topic of a circular economy.

CSR will also provide a viable platform for effective customer engagement, as you can publicise the positive steps your organisation is taking to manage waste in a sustainable fashion.

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