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Does your business struggle with pallet site clearances?

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Date posted: 16th December 2013

Pallets: the everyday packaging item transporting goods around the UK and indeed the world. But what happens to them all? Do they just end up in your site yard causing health and safety problems or getting in the way taking up valuable space?

RPS would like to understand what currently happens to pallets that are handled by UK businesses.


rps pallet site clearances at maltby middlesbrough site


Please let us know what currently happens to your pallets by tweeting, emailing or completing our online contact form.


What problems do you face?

Do you struggle to get your pallets collected from your site on time and in full? Are you stuck with stacks of pallets that you are currently paying to get rid of? Do your pallets currently go to landfill or into an expensive wood recycling skip? Have pallets on your site been the cause of any health, safety or environmental issues?

If any of the answers to the above questions is YES then please read on.


What solutions can RPS offer?

RPS can offer a one-stop solution for all of the redundant pallets on your site. RPS can definitely reduce your disposal cost by removing the pallets free of charge from your site rather than using an expensive wood skip. Not only will RPS eliminate your skip charges, we may also be able to offer you a rebate for the pallets.

You can turn your unwanted pallets into revenue by calling RPS – making money the green way! RPS will primarily reuse the redundant pallets or send them for energy recovery. RPS are proud to boast that not one pallet we handle goes to landfill so you can be rest assured that all the pallets collected from your site are being responsibly handled.


How to get in touch

Please get in touch today to enquire about our site clearance service. There may be further opportunities RPS can help you with regarding your overall packaging strategy so please call us today on 01642 465556, or fill in our online contact form.


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