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This collection request form is for new and existing customers. RPS manages the entire pallet collection process for you, taking the hassle away. No need for you to worry about transport, recycling or disposal - that's what we are here for.

If you have 100 pallets to collect, complete the form below and we'll pick up your pallets within 7 working days. Select whether you are an existing or a new customer and we'll make all the necessary arrangements.

For new customers, please send us some photos of your pallets along with your collection postcode and confirmation that you have a forklift truck available. We will then reply to confirm which collection service would be best. Everything will be confirmed before a collection takes place so there are no hidden costs or scrap pallet charges later down the line.


By completing the form below and selecting whether you are a new or an existing customer, RPS will begin the collection process for you.
Upload your Pallet Photos

Please email Josh Laverick using the details below and kindly let us know the number of pallets you need collecting, the collection postcode and finally, please send a photo of the pallets as well with your email. Thank you...

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