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Specialist Transit Packaging

Do you sell expensive products that require bespoke packaging to transport? If so, your business could benefit from an environmentally sustainable solution to collect and reuse your packaging and importantly at a significantly reduced cost compared to buying new replacements. The reuse of your existing transit packaging also encourages sustainability as part of the wider circular economy.

In recent times it has become more important to reuse existing packaging items to help preserve raw materials and to utilise products that can be used several times once refurbished. By reusing your existing transit packaging your business could generate dramatic environmental and commercial savings. The cost of recovery for reuse will also be substantially lower than the price of purchasing new packaging replacements.

RPS can collect your used transit packaging from your customers to be refurbished for reuse, responsibly recycled or environmentally disposed. RPS carries out collections on a national basis and these collections can also be combined with other industrial packaging including used pallets, which RPS may be able to provide a rebate for. RPS can also arrange an environmental solution for transit packaging recycling to ensure no packaging enters UK landfill.

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