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Pallet Pooling Systems

Pallet pooling systems are a great way to encourage the reuse of wooden pallets and help reduce overall packaging costs and carbon footprints. However, many pallet pools in operation are standardised making them limited. This means that some pallet pools do not meet requirements to implement a suitable and economical packaging pooling system.

RPS can implement a bespoke pallet pool for you business with a stock of pallets suitable to your requirements. The pallet specification does not have to fit the standard 1200 x 1000mm or 1200 x 800mm pallet footprint and the pool size can be created to fit your exact requirement so you don't have excessive pallet costs you decide what you need and what you want.

The key benefits of a pallet pooling system include:

  •  Robust pallet specification ensuring client and customer satisfaction.
  •  Effectively managed system with full reports on pallet management.
  •  Thorough inspection and repair of pallets to maintain pallet performance in the supply chain.
  •  Eliminates a customers' pallet disposal problems RPS manages the quick and effective collection and return of pallets back to your site.
  •  Reduced time and effort required to sort pallets so you can focus on your business RPS manages the pool to keep you fully supplied.
  •  Corporate social responsibility and environmental benefits increased as a reusable pool pallet is not new packaging therefore reduces your carbon footprint and packaging waste tax obligation.

Supply, collect, reuse; the three key steps that ensure all pallets are supplied and collected on time and in full. Once returned pallets have been put through our inspection process and necessary repairs made, the pallets can then be once again supplied ready for you to reuse.

RPS understands that pallet performance in the supply chain is extremely important. The management of the RPS pallet pooling system ensures that all pallets are fit for reuse and performance is maintained at an extremely high level. RPS takes the safety of packaging and the goods they transport very seriously and will ensure that all pallets you use are fit for purpose.

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