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WRAP Recycle Week 2018

Latest News September 24, 2018 8:58 am

Now in its 15th year, WRAP Recycle Week takes place 24th to 30th September and champions recycling to encourage a more sustainable future for us all.

Here at RPS, reusing and recycling is in our DNA. We collect pallets from customers, both nationally and internationally, using vehicles as opposed to skips and apply the waste hierarchy. Reuse is at the top of our agenda, so we’re not only helping the environment but also your wallet!

By collecting pallets on vehicles, we can stack them neatly in lifts. Up to 250 pallets can be collected on one vehicle which is the equivalent of around four or five skip exchanges. Using skips would be a much greater cost, hence why RPS uses vehicles to take the hassle out of pallets.

Wherever possible, we send the pallets we collect for reuse, repairing them as required. Where pallets are too damaged for repair, we work with a compliant recycling partner, Hadfield Wood Recyclers, whose sites at Middlesbrough, Manchester and Tilbury process wood waste and recycle it into new products such as animal bedding.

Hadfield Wood Recyclers has almost 4 decades of expertise in the industry, taking all grades of non-hazardous waste wood so it can be cleaned, where necessary treated and recycled into a range of sustainable products. Their sustainable products form the easi- range which includes easifuel for biomass and easibed which is dust-free horse bedding.

For RPS, it’s all about offering the best service to our customers in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We take our responsibilities seriously which is why we ensure that not one of the pallets returned to us ends up in landfill.

WRAP Recycle Week aims to raise awareness of recycling, and it’s something we do each and every day.

If your business has an objective to help the environment through reuse and recycling and you’re looking to save money, get in touch by calling 01642 465556 or tweet us @RPS_Limited.

Let RPS take the hassle out of your pallets.

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