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RPS 10th Birthday Race Day

Latest News,The Team September 7, 2012 10:17 am

Returnable Packaging Services Ltd celebrated its 10th Birthday in August, and to commemorate ten years of business the company hosted a sponsored race at Thirsk Racecourse as part of its Race Day party.

The sponsored race was called the Returnable Packaging Services Classified Selling Stakes and took place at 4.25pm at the Thirsk Racecourse Family Day on the 31st August. Despite some light rain, the crowds gathered at the finish line to watch the outcome of the race.

Although what should have been the top choice for RPS associates, Jim Goldie’s horse with the apt name ‘Go Go Green’, came in fourth position. The winner was David Nicholls’ horse, Llewellyn, owned by Middleham Park Racing. You can watch the re-run of the race here.

The day was a tremendous success with colleagues and customers coming together to celebrate RPS’s Birthday, and a business which has grown and developed over the last ten years. Managing Director, Gary Hudson, said:

“We are astounded by the support from all of our employees and clients and are extremely proud of each and everyone for helping to build our successful packaging recovery business over the last ten year. RPS is also exceptionally pleased with Thirsk Racecourse for their hospitality and would definitely consider arranging an event like this again in the future.”

RPS has matured over the last the years and has developed to become one of the leading packaging recovery companies in Europe, with its capabilities spreading as far as Spain, Italy, Finland and Sweden. RPS has also begun collections of packaging items ready for return to the USA, which demonstrates the importance of re-use of packaging items in both Europe and the rest of the world.

Click here to watch the video of the presentation made by the RPS Directors, Gary Hudson and Tim Hutchinson, following the race.

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