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What is the Waste Hierarchy?

The Waste Framework Directive was originally passed into law in 2006, detailing the legislation for the collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste in Europe. The Waste Hierarchy details the preferred sustainable way to handle packaging. Take a look at this presentation demonstrating the Waste Hierarchy and examples of how […]

RPSs first shoe collection by European Recycling

This month European Recycling have collected RPSs first collection of unwanted shoes and safety boots. As part of RPSs overall objective to achieve zero waste to landfill, by recycling safety boots and unwanted shoes not only reduces the amount of general waste but utilises a product that can be refurbished […]

UK Debate on Wood versus Plastic Pallets

The reusable packaging news website Packaging Revolution has commented on the UK debate between plastic and wooden pallets, sparked between Goplasticpallets.com and TIMCON. What are the benefits of using a wooden pallet or a plastic pallet? How much does a pallet cost? There are numerous ways to look at the […]

As landfill tax rises, what costs can we cut?

From April 2012, landfill tax will rise by £8.00 to £56.00 per tonne, putting pressure on businesses to manage their waste more efficiently. Along with the government’s changes to the waste hierarchy directive, as discussed in this article in March, there is an added pressure to businesses to ensure they […]

European Commission report credits UK for reducing landfill

Britian on top – a European Commission report has recently credited the UK for it’s successes at reducing waste to landfill since 2002. According to the article by www.recyclingwasteworld.co.uk, between 2002 and 2009 the amount of waste going to landfill has reduced by 464kg per capita to 259kg, through several […]

WRAP invite RPS to their Resource Efficient Distribution workshop

In March WRAP, backed by government funding from Defra, invited RPS managing director Gary Hudson to their Resource Efficient Distribution (RED) Working Group in Birmingham. The day outlined how businesses could develop and / or refine the way they transport their goods in order to reduce waste, prevent damage and […]

2012 Budget announce new packaging targets

On 21st March, as part of the Budget 2012, the new packaging targets for 2013 – 2017 were announced. Based on responses received from DEFRA’s recent consultion, the Government have adopted the preferred targets set out below. The targets, which apply to businesses within the scope of the Packaging Waste […]

Evonik use RPS expertise to reduce, reuse and recycle

RPS has commenced collections for Evonik, one of the world’s leading chemical companies. Evonik supply their UK customers with product packed on wooden pallets, which RPS are now collecting to make available for return to their German Rheinfelden site. Up until now the pallets have been replaced with new pallets […]

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