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Is Sustainability following in the footsteps of Health and Safety?

Cast your minds back 30 years and picture the scene – a manager of a factory on their weekly walkabout around the shop floor sees one of his engineers standing on an empty oil drum trying to mend a leaking hydraulic pipe. The leaking pipe is around 10 feet off […]

Landfill tax, the problems and the solutions

Valpak have reported on questions posed to the Government regarding environmental issues such as how the increase in landfill tax will affect industry workers, especially those in skip businesses. Competitiveness within the industry is causing concern but the HMRC are working closely with operators and landfill sites to assess the […]

Top logistics service providers 2012

In a recently published supplement to June’s logistics manager magazine, the top 50 logistics service providers have been named. The top five include well known and widely distributing logistics providers, but do you agree in the order they’ve been placed? 1. DHL – global logistics provider offering comprehensive range of […]

Latest PRN values published w/e 8th June

Packaging News have released the latest average trading prices for packaging recovery notes (PRN), from the PRN trading platform The Environment Exchange. Prices for week ending 8th June 2012 (prices in Sterling) Current 1 week ago 1 month ago 1 year ago Aluminium 14.00 14.00 7.58 10.00 Glass 15.00 15.00 […]

RPS help Ineos Compounds to reduce pallet and packaging spend

Pallet recovery remains a key activity in helping Ineos Compounds reduce pallet spend. The recovery process also demonstrates their environmental credentials in terms of embracing a re-use philosophy for what is a valuable asset. Commercial advantages aside the sustainability benefits of pallet recovery are measurable with close to 900te of […]

Vinnolit embrace reuse for sustainability

RPS has a 10 year history of successfully delivering an effective pallet recovery service on behalf of e-pvc producer Vinnolit. The pallet recovery approach embraced by Vinnolit conforms to the sustainability ambitions of the European Waste Framework Directive which is looking to encourage business to adopt a re-use rather than […]

New environmental ISO Standard announced – ISO 14051:2011

Environmental Leader has reported on the new ISO standard, ISO 14051:2011, Environmental Management – Material Flow Cost Accounting, which sets up a framework for businesses to reduce costs linked to waste and improve understanding environmental and financial consequences of material and energy use. According to ISO, not only will the […]

Overview of the use of landfill taxed in Europe

In an article by Waste Management World, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and its European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (EIONET) have published the report ‘Overview of the use of landfill taxed in Europe’ (Working Paper No 1/2012). The report includes information on issues such as environmental, social […]

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