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P.A.L.L.E.T.S. – RPS is ready to reuse

Latest News February 20, 2019 2:09 pm

We believe that pallets should not take up significant time and effort to manage, that’s why RPS looks after the entire collection and supply process for our customers, taking the hassle out of pallets.

Legislation requires businesses to seek alternative environmental solutions to landfill and the Circular Economy Package sets out preferable options regarding sustainable packaging waste management.

If you’re wondering what the advantages of pallet reuse over recycling are, and why RPS is the go to company for pallets, look no further than our handy P.A.L.L.E.T.S. acrostic!

P – Price

As part of our pallet recovery for reuse service, once your pallets have been collected, inspected and repaired, you only pay once they have been delivered back to your site for reuse. There is no financial risk and minimal effort to achieve substantial cost savings. Also, for used pallet collections, RPS offers competitive rebates helping you to achieve the best value possible.

A – Accreditation

Our corporate credentials include essential licenses, permits and accreditations, all available to read or download from our online audit pack. All collections we perform are compliant, using the correct waste transfer paperwork.

L – Logistics

Our entire national process is co-ordinated from our head office in Teesside. We have a strong network of hauliers to make sure collections are completed quickly and without any hassle. This year, we are moving to a larger site to ensure that we have the most up to date facilities to handle the pallets we collect.

L – Location

With a strategic network, RPS performs national pallet collections and the launch of our City Service last year expanded our collection capability into cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and London. This provides businesses across the country with a simple collection solution that is environmentally responsible and cost effective.

E – Efficient

We are constantly looking for ways to further improve our services and operations. In order to do this, we established business improvement targets for each department and have set ourselves a 2021 ambition to achieve committed efficiency milestones!

T – Time

Management of used pallets can take up precious time and resources, and disposal can be expensive, especially if your business uses wood skips. Our exemplary collection performance firmly within 10 workings days ensures a quick and easy pallet clearance service, taking the hassle away from you so you can focus on your business and what’s most important.

S – Sustainable

Our pallet reuse process encourages resource efficiencies. RPS always looks for the most environmental and cost effective solutions for wooden packaging. As part of the Circular Economy Package, reuse comes above recycling and energy recovery, in turn promoting improved sustainability.

If you’re looking for a pallet supplier with the whole package, get in touch by calling 01642 465556 or tweet us @RPS_Limited.

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