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Importance of Health and Safety at Work

Latest News August 28, 2012 11:02 am

After a sprinkler system prevented a devastating fire at a Shropshire recycling plant, the importance of regular checks on safety equipment has truly been demonstrated. The Veolia recycling plant, based in Oswestry, was saved from hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage after the sprinkler system kicked in and stopped the fire dead in its tracks.

John Griffiths, of the Shropshire Fire and Rescue, said: “Fortunately Veolia have a sprinkler and it stopped the fire. It was a godsend. Without it we would have been here a long time.”

The incident demonstrates how important adequate fire protection systems are at facilities such as the Veolia recycling centre. RPS is dedicated to the health and safety of its workforce and workplace. With the RPS OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Health & Safety Management System being audited this September for compliance, RPS makes it a priority to ensure that all health and safety matters are dealt with consistently, carefully and constantly. Clearly, incidents like the recent fire in Oswestry make all health and safety procedures a necessity for any business.

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