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First woodchip load leaves the depot

Latest News April 21, 2020 12:48 pm

It’s been quite a busy month for the RPS team as our first load of woodchip has left our new depot.

The woodchip load weighed 17.9te and will now be recycled or used for energy recovery – which as you know is extremely important to RPS as we believe that no material should go to landfill.

Following one of our most recent investments in a Telehandler, we can efficiently and safely load the woodchip into the trailers.

You may remember that we also recently purchased a high performance shredder, which makes light work of recycling wood. Although we always prioritise looking for ways to reuse pallets, once a pallet has done its job and can no longer be repaired for reuse, it will go through the Untha QR1700 shredder ready for recycling.

This innovative machine enables us to collect a larger volume of mixed pallets and any woodchip produced will be recycled into products such as animal bedding and biomass fuel.

It’s a very exciting time here at RPS and we can’t wait to share more of our updates with you – keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to stay up to date with our developments. 

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