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Employee Profile – Logistics Manager Janice Gibson

Latest News,The Team October 28, 2016 4:29 am

In our second employee profile, we’re turning the spotlight to our Logistics Manager, Janice Gibson.


Janice joined us in 2008 and has since done amazing work in forming and maintaining fantastic working relationships with our logistic partners. She has concentrated on maximising our efficiencies, especially in relation to customer service and retention, whilst maintaining excellent rates and control of costs.

Janice is a key point of contact between the business, our customers and hauliers. She makes sure that all parties have complete confidence in the collection of used pallets and the delivery of inspected and repaired pallets back to customers for reuse.

Outside of work Janice is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, enjoying thrilling hobbies such as kiteboarding and gliding. After all of the effort she puts in at RPS we don’t know where she finds the energy to do these activities. However, she finds the time and produces great results which we’re very grateful for!


946569_10200695920992938_1754115644_nHere are a few facts you might not know about Janice:

  • She lived for most of her life in South Africa before moving back to the UK 12 years ago.
  • She is fluent in back-slang, where words are spoken phonetically backwards.
  • Fuelled by her South African background, she has a lifelong obsession for the cured meat, biltong.

We hope you’re enjoying our new monthly feature. If you missed our first employee profile on managing director Gary Hudson, take a look at it here and keep an eye out for the next profile.


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