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Dy-Pack continue to utilise RPS expertise to recover and reuse packaging

Case Studies,Latest News April 2, 2013 10:27 am

What we do

Dy-pack Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of paper bags in the chemical industry, food and cement-industry with their production plant based in the German town of Wenden-Gerlingen.

RPS has worked closely with dy-pack to recover the packaging items that transport their paper sacks to customers within the UK and Ireland. The bespoke packaging items that dy-pack use makes them ideal for recovery and reuse. The variety of packaging includes cardboard, plastic and steel reel centres, wooden chocks, wooden pallets and wooden top frames.

dy-pack cardboard plastic and steel cores reels collected by rps returnable packaging services reverse logistics service        dy-pack wooden chocks collected by rps returnable packaging services reverse logistics service

How we do it

The expertise in logistics and packaging inspection and repair by the RPS team enable the speedy collection of the recoverable packaging within the UK and Ireland and the efficient inspection and refurbishment of each packaging item. Once the packaging has been refurbished it can then be returned to the production plant in Germany ready to pack new bags from the production line.

The RPS service allows dy-pack to reduce the amount of new packaging required as each pallet, reel, chock or top frame that has been recovered and returned for reuse replaces the need for new packaging.
Why we do it

Throughout 2012, RPS returned 1200 pallets, 330 top frames, 2550 reel centres and 1800 wooden chocks. These returned packaging items have not needed to be replaced by new packaging items, therefore, reducing dy-pack’s packaging waste obligation and also generating significant cost savings compared to the cost of purchasing new packaging.

dy-pack truck loading to return packaging items chocks reels pallets top frames collected by rps returnable packaging services reverse logistics service and delivered to germany

There are major environmental benefits for dy-pack and their customers as the pallets and other transit packaging units remain in the reuse system between the German production plant in Wenden-Gerlingen and the UK and Ireland customers. These bespoke packaging items can be reused several times, helping to reduce the amount of new packaging entering the UK waste stream. This also strengthens dy-packs’s environmental responsibility for the packaging it uses. Another key factor is that the pallets being delivered to Germany utilise empty vehicles returning to the continent from the UK, which further demonstrate an environmental saving and essential sustainability.

For more information and to see how we’ve helped other businesses please visit our case studies page. If you would like to get in touch for further packaging advice please contact us on 01642 465556 or email thomas.hudson@rpsltd.com.


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