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Waste Hierarchy Guidance Review 2012

Defra have now completed the 2012 review of the Waste Hierarchy Guidance which comes before the publication of the revised Waste Hierarchy Guidance at the end of this year, or early 2013. The current guidance, as documented on the Defra website, details the basis of the Waste Hierarchy including life-cycle […]

Importance of Health and Safety at Work

After a sprinkler system prevented a devastating fire at a Shropshire recycling plant, the importance of regular checks on safety equipment has truly been demonstrated. The Veolia recycling plant, based in Oswestry, was saved from hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage after the sprinkler system kicked in and […]

RPS celebrate their 10th Birthday “Three Men and a Pallet!”

In August of 2002, three men decided to create a packaging recovery company that would one day become the UK’s leading packaging recovery service. Ten years later the dream has become a reality. RPS, now led by Gary Hudson and Tim Hutchinson, have numerous clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical and […]

The WEEE Directive Recast becomes EU law

As previously mentioned in a report by Valpak regarding the WEEE Directive Recast in January 2012, the time has finally arrived and the WEEE Recast is now European Union law. The Member States will now have 18 months to update their WEEE legislation giving them until January 2014 to complete […]

The Government publish the definition of environmental taxes

As reported on the Government HM Treasury website, the definition of environmental taxes have been explained, to encourage effective policy making, and also measure progress against the Coalition Agreement pledge to increase the proportion of revenue that comes from environmental tax. Environmental taxes are defined as those which meet all […]

High Street retailers to reduce the number of plastic bag used by customers

Jessica Shankleman of Business Green has reported on how, due to the impact of the Welsh government’s 5 pence bag levy, some retailers in Wales have almost entirely eliminated the use of plastic carrier bags. Cardiff University have completed a study which concluded that, since the introduction of the bag […]

Greener plastic bottles from Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle technology – replacing fossil fuels with a greener alternative

PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a common product used in the production of many items including plastic bottles and carpets. Its popularity in the 1970s and 1980s gave way to replacing the long established glass bottles with a lightweight plastic bottle which could be used to contain carbonated soft drinks. […]

RPS sister company Outpace Ltd join Twitter

Outpace Limited, the sister company of RPS, has joined the world of social media on Twitter. The use of social platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, have revolutionised the way businesses can communicate with one another, and with the extensive expertise of the Outpace packaging consultants, Twitter is just one […]

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