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Charity benefits from the Circular Economy

Charity benefits from the Circular Economy

The concept There are currently in excess of 45 million printer cartridges going into UK landfill every year. Of this amount under 20% is recycled or reused. Considering the cartridges and toners are refillable and can be reused it seems shocking that less than a fifth is currently going down […]

Changes to the RPS Twitter Charity Fundraiser

Changes to the RPS Twitter Charity Fundraiser

How it works: We’ve introduced a change to the way we raise money during our Twitter fundraisers. As before, a total of @rps_limited followers will be taken on the first of the month and a total taken at the end, with the difference determining how much we donate (£1 for […]

Good luck Michael: Entrepreneurs Forum’s Michael Dixon running for charity

Michael Dixon of the Entrepreneurs Forum is running this year’s Great North Run, taking place on Sunday 15th September. Michael will be running to raise money for Comrades of Children Overseas (COCO). The charity’s mission is to work with people living in poverty in remote regions of the developing world. […]

RPS Twitter Charity Fundraiser

The latest Twitter charity fundraiser has now finished and we managed to raise £80 for the Melissa Leech Lymphoma Association Tribute Fund – Registered Charity: 1068395. This article is to provide an update on the rules of our fundraiser and to let you know what our next fundraiser plans are. […]

RPS Twitter Charity Fundraiser donates to second charity this year

Everyone at RPS would like to thank all of those people who followed us in June. During the month we have received 80 new followers, therefore we will donate £80 to the nominated charity, the Melissa Leech Lymphoma Association Tribute Fund. The charity, which is registered charity number 1068395, was […]

RPS Twitter charity fundraiser update – Hope for Holly

Thank you to all of you that followed RPS during March. We received 85 new followers, therefore we have donated £85.00 to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research (Registered charity 216032) on behalf of the local charity Hope for Holly. For details on the charity please see our earlier article. For further […]

Hope For Holly – Brave fight against Leukaemia inspires charity

The granddaughter of a former RPS employee was earlier this year diagnosed with Leukaemia. Marion Gowland’s granddaughter, Holly Toner-Gowland, was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the end of May, following a family holiday to Portugal. Krysta Eaves of the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette reported that, rather than “curling up in a corner” […]

An exciting 2012 for RPS . . what’s in store for 2013?

An exciting 2012 for RPS . . what’s in store for 2013?

Fantastic achievements throughout 2012 It has been a very busy year for RPS with plenty to report. Earlier this year RPS won the contract to begin collecting Evonik pallets from Unilever in Warrington for return to the Evonik site in Rheinfelden, Germany. RPS, through their expertise in reverse logistics and […]

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