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FIBCs - (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers)

RPS can supply and manage your FIBC requirements whether it’s to supply new or reconditioned FIBCs or collect used FIBCs for environmental reuse and recycling, all part of the wider circular economy.

In the latter half of the twentieth century, FIBCs revolutionised the way bulk products could be distributed, stored and handled. These bulk containers, similar to the same processes of pallet recycling and reuse, can be inspected, cleaned and reused to encourage environmental and commercial savings.

With government targets regularly introduced it has become more important to find preferable options for reuse and recycling, helping preserve raw materials. By reusing refurbished big bags your business could gain environmental and commercial benefits. For big bags that cannot be reused our recycling options available will ensure you are fully compliant with waste regulations.

FIBC Supply

If you need new or refurbished FIBCs then RPS can supply at competitive prices. For the best supply options click ‘FIBC Supply' above for more information on a delivery.

FIBC Collection & Cleaning for Reuse

Once your big bag and pallet have been emptied by your customer RPS can arrange for both items to be collected and prepared for reuse. RPS follows a simple process, expertly implemented to collect, sort, inspect and clean big bags for reuse. Any damaged bags that cannot be repaired will be responsibly recycled to ensure no packaging is disposed through landfill. Using good big bags multiple times delivers both commercial and environmental benefits to your business.

FIBC Site Collections

RPS can collect used big bags from your site for environmentally responsible disposal. RPS carries out collections on a national basis and these collections can also be combined with other industrial packaging including used pallets, which RPS may be able to provide a rebate for.

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