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FIBC Supply

RPS can supply you with the correct new or refurbished big bags to meet your requirements. RPS has the expertise to coordinate deliveries to your site and ensure you are using a suitable big bag for your intended operation.


RPS can supply you with new FIBCs. RPS can provide expertise on FIBC specifications and offer advice on big bags design and manufacture to ensure best practise. There are various FIBCs available on the market, including antistatic bags or electrostatic bags, therefore we will be able to provide help no matter what you need.

If your FIBC has a 6:1 multi-trip rating, RPS can implement a process for your big bags to be collected from your customers and once inspected and cleaned they can be returned to your site for reuse. This can be done at a considerably lower price than buying new replacement FIBCs and encourages sustainability through comerical and environmental savings. It also encourages a circular economy as the reuse of packaging items such as big bags preserves raw materials and reduces waste.

Cleaned Refurbished FIBCs

RPS can supply refurbished FIBCs providing your business with a more environmentally sustainable solution. Reusing a refurbished big bag helps to preserve virgin materials and these big bags can be supplied at a lower price compared to new.

For example, if you work within the plastic recycling sector and you need to store or transport recycled plastics, RPS has the appropriate big bags available that will be suited to your requirements. The RPS service of reusing FIBCs ensures that all big bags are inspected, sorted and where necessary cleaned so you have the confidence that they are ready for you to use immediately.

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