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RPS has the logistics network to collect industrial packaging on a national basis. Companies across the UK that receive products contained in big bags maybe hot have collection arrangements with their suppliers. Without a return policy or a disposal option in place these big bags can quickly build up.

RPS can collect big bags that formerly contained non-hazardous products from your site. Collections are typically chargeable, however in comparison to disposal in a skip RPS may be able to offer a cost effective solution to help reduce waste and costs.

REDUCE – your disposal costs.
REUSE – your big bags to encourage sustainability.
RECYCLE – your damaged big bags responsibly and reduce landfill.

The combined collection of both big bags and used pallets could provide a better solution for your business. Although rebates are not applicable to big bags, combining pallets with big bag collections could potentially provide residual value that could be passed back to you. RPS will assess any pallets that you generate to confirm if a rebate can be paid. Potential rebates could offset the disposal cost of your big bags creating a sustainable and cost effective solution.

Your business can use the national RPS collection service, combining multiple packaging types so you have one point of contact making collections straightforward and hassle-free.

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