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FIBC Collection & Cleaning for Reuse

RPS supplies industrial packaging, including FIBCs, but our service excels in the collection of used big bags and pallets for them to be prepared for reuse. If your big bags have a 6:1 rating and they formerly contained a non-hazardous product they could be eligible for multiple trip use.

RPS operates a simple process, expertly implemented to generate the best savings for your company. We can collect your big bags, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe. Once collected and delivered to our site, our fully qualified team sort and inspect the big bags and segregate any damage. Our state of the art refurbishment facility allows our inspection team to effectively clean the good big bags and remove excess residues. Once cleaned and packed the big bags can be returned to you for reuse. Big bags that are damaged and cannot be reused will be sent for environmentally responsible recycling.

Reusing good big bags multiple times delivers both commercial and environmental benefits to your business. A refurbished big bag can be reused at a considerably lower price compared to the price of new replacements and by reusing you are complying with the circular economy.

From start to finish RPS co-ordinates the entire collection process. RPS takes the time and resource away so you can concentrate on important core business activities. Let RPS save you time, money and the environment.

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